Confidential Ethics Line

Confidential Ethics Line

At the direction of our Board of Directors, Universal Electronics’ management has established the “Ethics Line” to assist our employees in: (1) complying with their ethical and legal obligations, and (2) reporting suspected violations of applicable laws, or Universal Electronics’ Code of Conduct, polices, or established procedures. The Ethics Line will enable you to express your concerns about possible violations of law, or our Code of Conduct, policies, or established procedures without fear of retribution or retaliation of any kind.

If you need assistance in evaluating proposed conduct, or you observe or suspect any violation of our Code of Conduct, polices, or established procedures, you should first tell your supervisor or other officer of the Company, if possible. If you are uncomfortable for any reasons talking to your supervisor for any other officer of the Company, or if you observe or suspect what you believe to be really serious problems or any violations of law, you are urged to report your concerns promptly by using the Ethics Line.

The Ethics Line is operated by Ethicspoint®, an independent third party, not by Universal Electronics’ personnel. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may do so and Ethicspoint will respect your decision. In order to better investigate your concerns, however, we ask you to consider sharing your name with Ethicspoint. Some matters, such as claims of harassment, can only be handled if you provide us with your name, although observations of harassment of other persons can be handled anonymously.

You should feel free to contact the Ethics Line at any time. All communications received on the Ethics Line will be investigated. While effort will be made to conduct and conclude all investigations promptly, the nature of some investigations may cause them to take some time. Moreover, while the investigation will endeavor to maintain the confidentiality of your communication, in order to conduct a thorough and prompt investigation, it may be necessary that your identity be disclosed. It is the express policy of Universal Electronics that no retaliatory action of any sort will be taken against any employee using the Ethics Line procedure.

You may contact the Ethics Line as follows: